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Passus is one of the major suppliers of radio and telecom network components. We have built, modernised and offered technical support for GSM, DCS and UMTS network infrastructures. We are the nationwide supplier of passive equipment for building and modernisation of terrestrial radio and television broadcasting stations - in particular antennas and antenna systems, feeders, adders and essential equipment. We have a wide range of connectors, concentric cables, laboratory connectors, multicontact connectors and microwave elements. Passus provides almost all systems of mobile telephony, such as GSM900, DCS1800, UMTS, EGSM, R-GSM, TETRA and PMR.

We have chosen PPH Metpol as a business partner in the field of cable trunkings. PPH Metpol is a Polish manufacturer of high quality cable brackets. We are a Polish distributor for products by this reputable company.

We offer:

- Clamps for various kinds of cables:

  • feeder cable,
  • fiber-optic cable,
  • power cable.

- Wide range of accessories (i.e. rubber cushions).

- Services - i.e. support, consulting, logistic.

We are able to:

  • make any type of clamp for special applications and cables,
  • adjust saddles for any type of cable,
  • provide any type of packaging.